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'Meeting Challenges' (Vol. 6, February 2020) 

Volume 6 (February 2020) features articles expanded from communications given at the NCIS COnference held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in June 2019 on the twin themes of "Making Connections, Meeting Challenges." As well as critical essays, this issue has book reviews, and reprints of the 2019 Eisenstein Prize-winning essays.

Peer-reviewed articles accepted to date (pre-prints):

Karima Amer. "Historiographic Challenges in Understanding the Development of Psychoanalysis: Connecting Flournoy, Freud, Jung and the Creative Unconscious."

Renée Elizabeth Neely. “Navigating Freedom, Creating Sustainability: Marronage in the Dismal Swamp of Virginia and North Carolina (Ca 1800 – 1850).”

Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize 2019

Winner: Boria Sax. "When Adam and Eve Were Monkeys: Anthropomorphism, Zoomorphism and Other Ways of Looking at Animals." Originally published in The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History,                                                                                                                                 ed. Hilda Kean and Philip Howell (London: Routledge, 2019), pp. 273-297. Reprinted with kind permission of the author and publishers.

Runner-up : Stephanie Harp. "Stories of a Lynching: Accounts of John Carter, 1927." Originally published in Bullets and Fire: Lynching and Authority in Arkansas, 1840-1950,                                                                                                                                                                                              ed. Guy Lancaster. (University of Arkansas Press, 2018), pp. 195-221. 


General issue (Vol. 5, August 2019)  <Download PDF>

Volume 5 (August 2019) is a general issue in which authors from the USA, France and Australia respectively explore the contemporary use of pronominal forms of address in Ecuador; the role of Théodore Flournoy in the history of psychoanalysis; and the influence of Australian activists on the early-20C American women's labor movement. This issue also contains six book reviews, an article selected from the TISQ archives by General Editor Shelby Shapiro, and a reprint of one of the 2018 Eisenstein Prize-winning essays.

Peer-reviewed articles

   Jordan Lavender. "The Social Values of Tú, Vos, and Usted in Ecuadorian Spanish: An Ethnographic Account of Usage in Azogues.” 

   Karima Amer. “The Contribution Of Théodore Flournoy to the Discovery of the Unconscious Mind.”

   Patricia Clarke. "Australian Influence on the American Women's Labor Movement." 

Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize - 2018 winning essay:

   Amanda Haste. "Conflict and Reparation: The Agency of Music in Modern Monastic Community Dynamics."

"Back in the Day" - Editor's choice from the archives of The Independent Scholar Quarterly:

   Katalin Kadar Lynn. "Strange Partnership: Lord Rothermere, Stephanie von Hohenlohe and the Hungarian Revisionist Movement."

Book Reviews are also accessible here.

Previous issues of The Independent Scholar (TIS) are available below. 



'Gender and Society' (Vol. 4, December 2018) <Download PDF>

Volume 4 (December 2018) is a themed issue on “Gender and Society” in which three authors explore the activism of Helen Taylor in 19th-century London, serialized novels aimed at immigrant Jewish women in early 20th-century New York, and the gender issues in academia and the resulting founding of NCIS in the late 20th century. This issue also contains three book reviews, an article selected from the TISQ archives by General Editor Shelby Shapiro, and a reprint of one of the 2017 Eisenstein Prize-winning essays.


'Identity and Transition' (Vol. 3, June 2017) <Download PDF>

Volume 3 (June 2017) is a themed issue on “Identity and Transition” and features peer-reviewed papers which take us to Canada, Africa, India, Israel, France and Poland for an exploration of personal, religious, and ethnic identity. This issue also contains six book reviews, an article selected from the TISQ archives by General Editor Shelby Shapiro, and a reprint of the winning essays in the strongly contested 2016 Eisenstein Prize.


General Issue (Vol. 2, September 2016) <Download PDF>

Volume 2 (Sept. 2016) is a general issue featuring a wide-ranging set of peer-reviewed papers: Joan Cunningham and Paul Lewis describe the use of therapeutic massage to treat complications following breast cancer surgery; Amanda Haste discusses translation issues in academic work; Serena Newman explores the role of fishermen in 17th century Puritan society; and Boria Sax looks at the Cold War and the repercussions of having a spy in the family. These essays are complemented by four reviews of books written by independent scholars and/or funded by NCIS-administered grants; a reprint of an essay that first appeared in The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ); an obituary of Professor Elizabeth Eisenstein who was very supportive of independent scholarship; and the announcement of the 2016 winners of the Eisenstein Prize for a peer-reviewed article or book chapter published by an NCIS member.


'Traditions and Transitions' (Vol. 1, December 2015)  <Download PDF>

Volume 1 (Dec. 2015) featured papers developed from those presented at the NCIS 25th Anniversary Conference at Yale University in June 2015, with the theme, “Traditions and Transitions: Independent Scholars and the Digital Landscape.” The authors engage with the conference theme in several disciplines and across eras: Barbara Williams Ellertson and Janet Seiz examine the overlooked imagery of the book in Renaissance Art; Toni Vogel Carey examines town-gown relations in the Scottish Enlightenment; Piri Halasz gives a unique insight into 'Swinging London' of the 1960s; and Yvonne Groseil takes a look at the growing adjunct activism in the 21st century. All are informed by digital media and resources which were not available to previous generations of scholars. As well as these four critical essays, TIS1 contains four reviews of scholarly books.


Reviews of books, which may be authored or reviewed by independent scholars, are published online after the review has been approved by the editors. They are then published in the next edition of The Independent Scholar.

Suggestions for suitable books should be sent to the Book Review Editor (BRE) on


General Editor
Shelby Shapiro, Ph.D., M.A.

Humanities Editor
Amanda Haste, Ph.D., M.A., LGSM, ALCM, Dip.Trans.IoLET, FISM, MCIL.

STEM Editor
Joan Cunningham, Ph.D.,M.Sc.


Tula Connell, Ph.D. 

Laurence Schiller, Ph.D.

Patricia Silver, Ph.D.

Tim R. Woolley, Ph.D.


Also available are issues of the TIS predecessor journal, The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ). Please note that prior to 2015, TIS and its predecessor, TISQ, were not peer reviewed.


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