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Thurs 8 February          The Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (FIRE-UK), our British Partner Group, is hosting "From Thesis to Book" with author Amanda Haste and editor Jess Farr-Cox. The event is free and you can register here.
2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Saturday 17 February "Ethics of Human Stem Cells" presented by Elena Salvaterra. Register here for this free webinar.
2.30pm ET / 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm CET                
Saturday 27 April         "Tools and Software for Independent Researchers" An open discussion on the tools and resources we use to support our scholarly work, hosted by Kathryn Burrows. Register here for this free webinar.
2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Saturday 15th June  "Disability and Research" Symposium on disability and the ‘user interface’ in which Helen Ross, Kevin Waitkuweit and Kate Burrows will each describe their own interfaces as the site where our research hits disability. Register here for this free webinar.
8pm UK/3pm EST and 12noon PST

Videos of past events are available on our YouTube channel, unless there are copyright or data protection issues. 
2 December 2023 "The Hatnub Quarry" by archaeologist Hannah Pethen Barrett, winner of the 2023 Eisenstein Prize
2 Sept 2023 "Demystifying Special Collections & Archives" led by Joanna Baines
17 June 2023 "Early Career Academia: An Insightful Overview" led by Kate Burrows
18 Feb 2023 "Our Journeys towards Independence": a seminar hosted by Helen Ross.
24 Sept 2022 SKILLS 3: “Building your Website; EstablishingB your Research Identity” presented by archaeologist and egyptologist Dr Hannah Pethen-Barrett. You will also need to download the PDF provided by Hannah
18 June 2022 "Letters, Lines, and Logs: Researching Early Modern Atlantic Merchant Ships, presented by Philip Reid, maritime historian, NCIS grantee and a 2021 Eisenstein Essay Prize winner (Copyright Phillip Reid 2022)
2 April 2022  SKILLS 2: Demystifying Special Collections and Archives for Independent Scholars, presented by special collections specialist Joanna Baines
12 Feb 2022  SKILLS 1: Social Media and Your Research Identity, presented by Hannah Pethen-Barrett, PhD (Copyright Hannah Pethen Barrett 2022)
7 Nov 2021  "Independent Publishing," presented by Philip Stover, RioVista Press. PPT available on
16 Oct 2021  "Independent Scholarship: A Colloquy with Ron Gross (author of the seminal Handbook for Independent Scholars) (Copyright Ronald Gross 2021)
19 Sept 2021 "Sandbox Party" Come and meet other independent scholars, compare notes, make friends in your discipline and beyond. Bring your own drinks and snacks!
23 June 2021 "Creativity in Research" presented by Helen Kara, PhD (Copyright Helen Kara 2021)
15 May 2021 "Chronology of a Transnational Social Movement: Japanese American A-Bomb Survivors and their Community Newspaper (Rafu Shimpo)"  presented by Gloria R. Montebruno Saller, Ph.D. (NCIS Research Grant recipient)
17 Apr 2021 "The Early 18th-Century Apocalypse: How the Unforeseen Actions of a Few People Forever Changed Our World of War, Plague, and Smallpox, " presented by Margaret DeLacy, PhD
24 March 2021 QuickFIRE Alt-Conference hosted by the Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (FIRE-UK), the British Partner Group of NCIS.  
                          Dr Helen Ross, "Mind the Gap: understanding teachers’ and parents’
                               differing views of dyslexia-friendly practice in COVID-19 remote-learning."
                          Dr Jasmine Hazel Shadrack, "Black Metal, Trauma, Subjectivity and Sound:
                               Screaming the Abyss"
                          Dr Amanda Haste, "Refocusing Music & Identity: Challenges of Creating a
                                Monograph from a Musicological Thesis"
This podcast on “Publishing Your Thesis” is the result of an NCIS webinar featuring panelists Jess Farr-Cox (academic editor), Dr Lyle Skains (creative digital writer) and Dr Jasmine Shadrack (music sociologist).
The questions tackled in this podcast include:
    whether to publishing your research as journal articles or as a book…or both!
     the emotional effect of revisiting your thesis
     the transition from thesis to book
     when to reach out to a publisher
    personal writing style: academic or narrative
    digital vs. print publications

Access to research resources is a perennial issue for independent scholars. Becky Nicolaides' blog post "My Journey through the Research Access Crisis" is an excellent read on the subject.

We are frequently asked about ethical approval, and although we have not been able to offer this outrselves we are pleased to share this link to a post by Dr Helen Kara which will answer many of your questions.

Free, virtual  programs available from the UK-based Hay Festival (programme in British Summer Time).
Free resources during the Covid epidemic:
Project Muse: Open access
How to Thrive in Academia
Women's History Month
If there's a broken link, or you know of more free resources for indies, please email us on

To help you stay focused and achieve your research goals. Team up with one or more researchers for writing sessions:
FocusMate 50-minute 1-2-1 sessions. Can specify preferred gender of study partner. Up to 3 sessions per week for free.
MoocLab Study Buddy
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