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NB Any individual exceeding $600 in grants in any one calendar year will be receiving a W2 from from NCIS and we will be reporting same to the federal government. We will be requesting a W9 from the grantee.



NCIS members can apply for several forms of funding:

  • NCIS Conference Support Grants & Research Grants
  • Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize
  • Pass-through grants administered by NCIS



Many of us conduct our research primarily "working from home" and may also now be teaching on line. As this often entails additional expenses, we are therefore offering “Special Research Support Grants” to help members offset these costs, which include hardware and ergonomic aids to help members cope with the increased screentime needed for online teaching and/or research. We are opening these grants to all membership levels, so for these Special Research Support Grants Associate Members as well as Full Members may apply.


You may apply for a Special Research Support Grant of up to $150 each for research-related expenses. These may be used to cover expenses such as:

- books related to your research area
- subscription to journal in your field
- journal access (eg $99 for 12mth JSTOR subscription through NCIS)
- registration fees for virtual conferences/seminars
- subscription to learned society in your field
- technical support
- software
- hardware (eg mic/headphone sets)
- ergonomic aids (e.g. ergonomic chairs, moulded keyboards)
- other (including online training)
Application must be made on the application form, and emailed to



- Applicant must have been an NCIS Member AT FULL OR ASSOCIATE LEVEL in good standing for the 12 months prior to the deadline for each SRSG cycle.
- Intended purchases of research-related materials, or such purchases already made within the six calendar months preceding the relevant deadline, may be claimed for. [NB a receipt for the purchase of the stated items will be required if the grant request is approved.]
- Only applications using the dedicated “Special Research Support Grants” application form will be considered.
- Grants will be disbursed through PayPal (or a check payable to a US checking account).

IMPORTANT DATES:          Application Deadline            Decision Date                                

             Spring Award:                      March 1st                          March 15th
             Summer Award:                   July 1st                              July 15th
             Fall Award:                          November 1st                   November 15th

Members will be reminded about these grants on or about February 1st, June 1st, and October 1st through social media and member mailings. Normally, applications are accepted throughout the year.

NB These Grants available to fully vetted and paid-up NCIS MEMBERS ONLY. Following us on Facebook does not make you a member of NCIS!!

Application form



NCIS is pleased to offer two grant mechanisms. Each grant is for up to $600 (receipts required).

Conference Support Grants of up to $600 are intended to help finance our members' participation in professional conferences and performances/installations. They can be used for expenses for virtual conferences, including elder- or child-care. (Receipts required).

Research Grants of up to $600 are intended to help finance our members' research projects. (Receipts required). 

Grants are awarded for upcoming conferences/performances/installations, or research activities, scheduled to occur within the 12-month period following the award decision date, and cannot be applied retroactively. 

Applications for Conference Support Grants and Research Grants are considered for award three times per year.

TO QUALIFY for either grant, an applicant must be a Full Member of NCIS (or President of an affiliated Partner Group) in good standing for a minimum of 18 consecutive months prior to the relevant grant application deadline.

NB: Associate members are NOT eligible for these grants.

Applicants must not have been awarded a Conference Support Grant OR a Research Grant during the 18 months prior to the award decision date.

Applicants may apply for both a Conference Support Grant and a Research Grant simultaneously, but only one will be awarded.

Grantees are expected to remain members in good standing for at least one year following the award decision date.

BEFORE APPLYING: Read the Conference Support Grant or Research Grant guidelines. They contain important instructions and the link to the application form.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us at

DISBURSEMENT OF GRANTS: Grants will only be disbursed through PayPal (or a check payable to a US checking account).

NOTE: NCIS encourages each grant recipient to check with their tax advisor regarding any potential tax liability as per the laws of the recipient's country and place of domicile. US recipients can find IRS information here

         IMPORTANT DATES:          Application Deadline            Decision Date

             Spring Award:                      February 1st                          March 1st
             Summer Award:                   June 1st                                  July 1st
             Fall Award:                           October 1st                            November 1st

Members will be reminded about these grants on or about January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st through social media and member mailings. Normally, applications are accepted throughout the year. 



[Sponsored by NCIS and the family of Professor Eisenstein]

The Elizabeth Eisenstein Prize is awarded annually for the best academic journal article or book chapter published by a member of NCIS. The Prize brings the winner an honorarium of $350. Subject to the relevant permissions, the winning essay will be reprinted in The Independent Scholar. The Eisenstein Prize was established in April 1993 and is named for Elizabeth Lewisohn Eisenstein (1923–2016), Professor of History at American University and the University of Michigan, and mother of Margaret DeLacy, one of NCIS’s founders, in recognition of Professor Eisenstein's long-standing support of NCIS.


- The article must have been published in a peer reviewed journal or edited academic book within the last two years.

- An article may only be submitted once for the Eisenstein Prize.

- All authors must be Full or Associate Members of NCIS, whether the authorship is single or multiple. 

- New members may apply - there is no requirement to have been a member for a set period of time.

- Any author awarded first place may not enter again in the year following their award, although runners up may do so. 

Submissions: NCIS members wishing to submit an article for consideration should send a copy of the published article, along with full publication details, to the Chairperson of the Awards Committee at as a PDF attachment to an email, to arrive by the stated deadline. 

Application Deadline: April 30th each year

Decision Date: September 30th each year


DISBURSEMENT OF EISENSTEIN PRIZE MONEY will be made through PayPal (or a check payable to a US checking account).




Can we help you with a third-party grant? Due to our not-for-profit status, NCIS may administer pass-through grants that require an institution. Recipients must be members of NCIS at Full or Associate level, but can apply immediately after membership has been granted.

For more information please contact us at


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