Membership in NCIS provides affiliation and an identity for the Independent Scholar.

NCIS welcomes scholars who are pursuing knowledge in or across any field who are not affiliated with an institution of higher learning in a tenure track position. Scholars who are contingent faculty or part-time faculty are welcome to join. Candidates must provide evidence of scholarly production, including articles in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at conferences of scholarly societies, books, or, for candidates in the fine arts, exhibitions of work in juried shows, etc. This is accomplished by uploading a current CV (as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf file) when creating a member account. Submission of a CV is required of all applicants. The Membership Committee reserves the right to reject applications which do not reflect credentials of merit as independent scholars or credentials which cannot be verified. Review by the membership committee will take place within two weeks of an applicant member joining, and all dues paid will be refunded if an applicant does not meet the requirements.

Recognizing that others who do not meet all qualifications for membership can benefit from an association with NCIS, NCIS now offers an Associate Membership category with limited benefits. Those qualifications and benefits are described on our website at About Us/ Qualifications for Membership.


How to join NCIS

Click here to create the username and password you will use to access the site as a member, and pay your membership dues using PayPal.  Dues may also be paid by check (see payment details below).  NCIS offers full Full and Associate memberships to individuals, depending on their qualifications, and Affiliate membership to qualifying organizations. 

Full Membership

Available to applicants who meet the criteria listed above.  Full members receive all NCIS benefits and may choose from the following dues options:

  • Regular Membership: One Year - $50, Two Years - $90, Three Years - $120
  • Contributing Membership: One Year - $85, Two Years - $160, Three Years - $235
  • Sustaining Membership: One Year - $125, Two Years - $240, Three Years - $345
  • Life Membership - $1500


Associate Membership

  • Associate Membership: One Year - $40



Affiliate fees for 2016-17 and for 2017-18 will be as follows:

  • Organizations under 30 members: One Year    - $40
  • Organizations of 30-100 members: One Year   - $75
  • Organizations over 100 members: One Year  - $150

The Affiliate membership year runs from Sept 1 through Aug 31.

Payment is expected at the time of membership application and will be processed securely through PayPal or by mailing a check to the address below. Payment may be made by any major credit card, debit card, eCheck or by transferring funds directly from your bank account. A PayPal account is not required for credit card transactions. Please make checks payable to National Coalition of Independent Scholars and mail to the NCIS treasurer: 
PO Box 120182 
San Antonio, TX 78212

Membership queries may be addressed to the NCIS membership chair at


NCIS Privacy policy: At no time will NCIS give, sell, lease, or otherwise allow access to personal member information to non-NCIS parties for any purpose. NCIS Member contact information may be used by Officers, the Board, and/or Committee Chairs or their designated representatives to contact members regarding relevant business, projects, and/or other necessary organizational matters. No member will receive any commercial contacts or solicitations as a result of providing NCIS with contact information.