Impressive New Members in Medicine, Social Service, and Renaissance Literature

Dr. Alberto Antonicell is a thoracic Surgeon with an impressive record of training, publication, and surgical practice.  He currently practices in Milan and elsewhere in Italy, and owns a medical startup company (BreatheRight TM) He served as a postdoctoral research associate and submissions reviewer at Yale from 2013 to 2017.  He has worked on several projects to diagnose and treat lung cancer.
Georgina Horton, MSW (Loyola University) provided advanced social services to the Department of Children and Family Services in Chicago, and used that experience as executive director for a private agency.  She is now working to earn a doctorate in social work (DSW).  She specializes in child protection and child welfare services.
Dr. Richard Yanowitz, who holds a doctorate in Renaissance English Literature, gravitates toward teaching in all his roles.  His current cultural interests include Egyptomania, Tokugawa Japan, and the history of Western attitudes toward language.  He is active in raising awareness about the climate crisis through presenting talks and films.

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