Our program committee has been very busy and has organised a great selection of free webinars for you. Register on our Eventbrite page, and do follow us on Eventbrite for updates on future NCIS events. 
Thurs 8 February          Our British Partner Group, the Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (FIRE-UK) is hosting "From Thesis to Book" with author Amanda Haste and editor Jess Farr-Cox. The event is free and you can register here.                      2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Saturday 17 February "Ethics of Human Stem Cells" presented by Elena Salvaterra. Register here for this free webinar.
2.30pm ET / 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm CET               
Saturday 27 April         "Tools and Software for Independent Researchers" An open discussion on the tools and resources we use to support our scholarly work, hosted by Kathryn Burrows. Register here for this free webinar.
2pm ET / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Saturday 22nd June  "Disability and Research" Symposium on disability and the ‘user interface’ in which Helen Ross, Kevin Waitkuweit and Kate Burrows will each describe their own interfaces as the site where our research hits disability. Register here for this free webinar.
3pm EST /12noon PST/8pm BST/9pm CET
Also planned are a talk by archivist Jo Baines, a webinar with Helen Kara, and a presentation by the winner of the 2024 Eisenstein Prize.
Watch this space! 

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