The Independent Scholar (TIS)

The Independent Scholar (TIS) is the online peer-reviewed journal of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, and contains not only scholarly articles but book reviews and other items of interest to scholars. TIS is completely open access, and there are no charges for submitting or reading articles. All members of NCIS and its affiliate organizations are eligible to submit manuscripts to TIS for peer review at any time, and a formal CFP also goes out in January each year.

The inaugural issue of The Independent Scholar (Dec. 2015) featured papers developed from those presented at the NCIS 25th Anniversary Conference held at Yale University in June 2015, with the theme of 'Traditions and Transitions: Independent Scholars and the Digital Landscape.' The authors engage with the conference theme in several disciplines and across eras: Barbara Williams Ellertson and Janet Seiz examine the overlooked imagery of the book in Renaissance Art; Toni Vogel Carey examines town-gown relations in the Scottish Enlightenment; Piri Halasz gives a unique insight into 'Swinging London' of the 1960s; and Yvonne Groseil takes a look at the growing adjunct activism in the 21C. All these papers are informed by digital media and resources which were not available to previous generations of scholars. As well as these four critical essays, TIS1 contains four reviews of scholarly books.

Volume 2 (Sept. 2016) is a general issue featuring a wide-ranging set of peer-reviewed papers: Joan Cunningham and Paul Lewis describe the use of therapeutic massage to treat complications following breast cancer surgery; Amanda Haste discusses translation issues in academic work;  Serena Newman explores the role of fishermen in 17C Puritan society; and Boria Sax looks at the Cold War and the repercussions of having a spy in the family. These essays are complemented by four reviews of books written by independent scholars and/or funded by NCIS-administered grants; a reprint of an essay which first appeared in The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ); an obituary of Professor Elizabeth Eisenstein who was very supportive of independent scholarship; and the announcement of the 2016 winners of the Eisenstein Prize for a peer-reviewed article or book chapter published by an NCIS member.

Volume 3 is due in Spring/Summer 2017, and will contain at least four peer-reviewed papers, more book reviews, another interesting article selected from the TISQ archives by General Editor Shelby Shapiro, and a reprint of the winning essays in the strongly contested 2016 Eisenstein Prize. The CFP for this issue was issued in January 2017, in which the editorial team stated that papers in all disciplines will be considered, and that papers related to identity in all its manifestations would be particularly welcome.

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Volume 3

(Forthcoming, Spring/Summer 2017)

Volume 2

General Issue (Vol. 2, September 2016) <Download PDF>

Volume 1 (Special Conference Issue)

'Traditions and Transitions' (Vol. 1, December 2015)  <Download PDF>

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Editorial Board

General Editor

Shelby Shapiro, Ph.D.

Humanities Editor

Amanda Haste, Ph.D., MA., LGSM, ALCM, Dip. Trans. IoLET, FISM, MCIL.

STEM Editor

Joan Cunningham, Ph.D.

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