The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ)

Following the May 2014 issue, NCIS retired its online newsletter, The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ), now re-envisioned as TIS blog, a platform  to post comments and engage in discussion, and for NCIS to share news of members' publications and other scholarly activity, grants, reviews of books and presentations, and brief articles on topics of interest to scholars. Calls for papers are generally located in the Members Only section of this website and, when appropriate, on our Affialites News page. 

Suggest topics, propose an article for us to feature, and send news of your recent scholarly activity to

For in-depth articles and reviews, stay tuned for The Independent Scholar, an online peer-review journal that we will be introducing in 2015. The first issue will include papers developed from those presented at the 25th Anniversary Conference in June, 2015.

Archived issues of The Independent Scholarly Quarterly are available below.