About Us

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Initially organized in 1989, the organization began as a way to support independent scholars. In the years since, membership has expanded beyond the borders of the United States and services have changed and expanded. Today, our members come from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
Our members come from many different fields of study. Although approximately half the members are historians, the remainder come from arts, sciences, and other fields of the humanities. We speak many languages, have many interests, and share a common passion for pursuit of our own scholarship and association with others equally passionate about their scholarship.
Interested in learning more about us or our members? H-SCHOLAR is a public forum administered by NCIS where you can ask questions about independent scholarship and hear from our members. We are on Facebook and Twitter as well. Find us, follow us, friend us...we're waiting to hear from YOU.