The Independent Scholar (TIS)

Building on the NCIS 25th Anniversary Conference, Traditions and Transitions: Independent Scholars and the Digital Landscape, The Independent Scholar, an online peer-reviewed journal, premiers its first issue based on papers developed from those presented at the June conference.

In this inaugural issue, Yvonne Groseil takes a look at the growing “adjunct activism” in “A Future for Adjuncts: From Plight to Flight,” Barbara Williams Ellertson and Janet Seiz examine the overlooked imagery of the book in Renaissance Art, and book reviews highlight the recent work of NCIS members.

All members of NCIS and its affiliate organizations are eligible to submit manuscripts to TIS for peer review at any time, and a formal CFP will go out about six months before each scheduled publication date. Submission and review guidelines can be seen under

Latest Issue

‘Traditions and Transitions’: Special Conference Issue, Volume 1 (December 2015)