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Pamela Turton-Turner holds a PhD in Art and Design Theory at the University of Tasmania, Australia. She is now an independent scholar after a 13-year teaching career at the university where she taught art and design theory, general philosophy and gender studies between 2003-16. Her main research interest involves feminist aesthetics and the semiotics of neoliberal discourses evident in postfeminist visual culture. Her primary concern is the interrelationship between fetishized glamor and violence in popular media and its negative impact on the cultural encoding of female identity. Turton-Turner’s work is disseminated in several scholarly articles, conference papers and discussions. She is a regular peer-reviewer for scholarly journals as well as being an ongoing associate editor for Common Ground Publishing in the US. In 2013 Turton-Turner was inducted as one of 35 interdisciplinary [nominated] scholars into the Oxford Round Table, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University.

Current research areas: 

Neoliberalism; postfeminism, higher education, ironic sexism, feminist aesthetics, visual semiotics; gender and advertising. 

Recent scholarly activity: 

My recent activity (currently with the publisher) explores if popular aesthetics in advertising play a role in a troubled relationship between a utopian, neoliberal ideal of unlimited professional choices for female graduates, and unfulfilled career paths for women. This is a semiotic investigation into popular portrayals of female identity in contemporary marketing, those which imperceptibly sustain and restate inequitable sexual typecasting. I ask if problematic depictions of assertive and desiring females in the postfeminist ethos, inform the logic underpinning the neoliberal corporate model preferred in higher education: a paradigm which purports to uphold gender equity in colleges and universities.
Originally presented at: Oxford Round Table symposium, Women and Education, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University, March 18-22, 2017, invited speaker and facilitator.

Recent publications: 

2018 Manuscript with publisher: ‘Utopian Aesthetics: Semiotics and Career Choices for Women Graduates in the Postfeminist Era’, presentation paper, Oxford Round Table symposium, Women and Education, Harris-Manchester College, Oxford University, March, 2017.
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