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Iva Stoyanova is a fully-qualified architect and an independent researcher at Architecture Studio ACCA 2000 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture (2011, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria) and a Ph.D. with merits, Doctor Europaeus, in Preservation of Architectural Heritage (2015, Polytechnic University of Milan, Milan, Italy).
Her Master’s degree final project was in the Department of Theory and History of Architecture (UACEG) and won the honorable prize of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS in 2011. During her doctoral studies, she assisted to two courses: ‘Theory and History of Restoration and Preservation’ and ‘Preservation Studio for Historic Buildings’. She spent a research period at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium as a visiting PhD student in 2014. This period contributed to the international character of her doctoral studies so that she successfully defended Doctor Europaeus. She participated in the research team for the restoration of the facades of Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan in 2014-15.
She published some of her work as a Ph.D. student and as a single author in the proceedings of several conferences, such as ‘Built Heritage 2013 – Monitoring Conservation Management’ and ‘STREMAH 2015’. As a Ph.D. student, she also coauthored a publication in the International Journal of the Construction History Society.
She has decided not to be affiliated with any academic institution or university since June 2015 when she received her Ph.D. Instead, she has chosen to upgrade her doctoral studies and further develop her research interests as an independent scholar. Heritage architecture (19th/ 20th c.) is a main object of her scholarly interests focusing on historical building techniques, conservation and preservation. Collateral research interests include BIM (Building Information Modelling), digital heritage, architectural and civil engineering.
Lately, she has been engaged in studies of the construction technology of threatened heritage architecture and its virtual reconstruction by means of BIM. She has been publishing the results of her work as an independent researcher in the proceedings of the annual conferences of the Construction History Society, Cambridge, UK.

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