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National Coalition of Independent Scholars is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing professional affiliation, support services, and camaraderie to scholars outside of tenured academia. Although based in the United States, our membership and activities extend internationally, and by January 2017 NCIS Full and Associate members comprised over 200 scholars in fifteen countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Membership is open to scholars across all disciplines. NCIS assesses the qualifications of each membership candidate for intellectual contribution, scholarly rigor, and independent status prior to acceptance. NCIS is an affiliate of the American Historical Association and a member of the The Alliance of Nonprofits.

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  • NCIS Research Grants (funded by NCIS);
  • NCIS Conference Support Grants (funded by NCIS);
  • Elisabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize (jointly funded by NCIS and Margaret DeLacy)
More information on all NCIS grants and NCIS-administered grants can be found on the Grants page of this site, or contact



Following the generous gesture of The Center for Independent Study (CIS) in New Haven to disburse remaining CIS funds (about $3,000) to NCIS in support of members' conference attendance and library fees, in July the Board voted to add a third grant award cycle in the year, starting in 2018. This will allow us to support more members attending summer conferences, as well as helping members with research-related expenses.

The Center for Independent Study (CIS) in New Haven has decided to disband after 40 years' service to the IS community. As part of the dissolution process, the CIS board decided unanimously to disburse remaining CIS funds (about $3,000) to NCIS in support of members' conference travel, conference registration fees, and library fees incurred to support members’ research.

Congratulations to our latest grant recipients! In the Spring cycle of NCIS grant awards anthropologist Yvonne Groseil was awarded a Conference Support Grant for her forthcoming paper "Living History: The National Society of Colonial Dames", to be presented at the 17th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Genders, and Sexualities: "Difficult Conversations: Thinking and Talking About Women, Genders, and Sexualities Inside and Outside the Academy".

Tula Connell's article, "1950s Milwaukee: Race, Class, and a City Divided," has recently been published in Labor Studies Journal as part of the "UALE Conference Special Issue: The Intersection of Labor and Race." (Abstract only accessible online.) Connell originally presented this paper at the Urban History Association conference with the aid of an NCIS Conference Support Grant.


The independent scholar (TIS)

The Independent Scholar (TIS) is the NCIS online peer-reviewed and open access journal. All members of NCIS affiliated organizations are eligible to submit manuscripts to TIS for peer review. Check Submission and Review Guidlines.


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