About Us

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized in 1989 to support independent scholars. Basic to many of the goals of NCIS is providing a sense of community in which independent scholars can interact and address issues we have traditionally encountered. NCIS has also responded to the increasing numbers and changing demographic of independent scholars.

We have identified some of our largest constituent groups. First and foremost are those who have not or never wished to enter academia, or those who have left it, preferring instead the life of the independent scholar.

Another group of NCIS members is that of academics who are peripheral and marginal to their institutions. They continue to grow in numbers as academia no longer provides a stable position or income for much of its faculty, relying instead upon part-timers and adjuncts who are offered little or nothing in the way of benefits or jobs security.

Newly emerging is the second or new career scholar who has decided, for various reasons, to forgo previous pursuits and enter a field of scholarship (s)he has long dreamed of pursuing.

And, of course, there are numerous others who have chosen this route for their own individual reasons.

Regardless who or when the decision to pursue scholarship has been undertaken and what degree, if any, has been sought, NCIS welcomes those independents who qualify for membership.

We also welcome other groups of organized scholars to join us as Affiliate members.

Today, NCIS is an international organization whose members hail from many continents and pursue diverse fields of study in a variety of disciplines. This is the population NCIS proudly serves.

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NCIS general information brochures available for downloading:

NCIS is an affiliate of the American Historical Association.