Qualifications for Membership

NB Membership in an affiliate group does not confer individual membership in NCIS.

However it does entitle new NCIS members to a $10 introductory discount on their first year's membership.

We regret that our website does not allow for this discount, so dues will need to paid in full. Once the application has been accepted, and membership of an NCIS affiliate group is confirmed, this $10 discount will then be refunded.

Full (Regular) Membership Category

NCIS welcomes those pursuing and sharing knowledge in or across any fields whose credentials and/or activities show professional scholarly involvement and commitment.  We look for evidence that scholars demonstrate critical analysis in their work and that their work is open to scholarly debate in whatever venues for knowledge dissemination they pursue. A key consideration is that applicants are showcasing their work in ways that invite scholarly response, but we do not limit our definition to publication or presentation in any particular modality.  Further, service work with scholarly organizations is also considered as evidence of commitment.

We offer membership to those who are not associated with academic institutions, and to adjunct faculty, and others tangentially associated with academic institutions who do not receive ongoing financial and/or research support for their scholarly activities.

We also recognize the unique individual whose scholarly work proceeds successfully despite the lack of advanced degrees, or of any academic degree at all. Our focus on the individual independent scholar's qualifications is based upon knowledge as expressed and/or measured by scholarly production, and on the scholar’s demonstration that their work is analytical in nature.

To start an application visit Join.  Contact membership@ncis.org with questions.

Associate Member Category


Scholars who receive institutional support for their research may be eligible for membership as an Associate of NCIS. Associate members are scholars who support the purposes of NCIS but whose research may be funded by an institution and therefore not qualify them as independent scholars. If you are a graduate student or a NCIS member who is changing career paths and joining academia in a full-time position, and eligible for institutional support, you can still support NCIS and be a part of our network by maintaining Associate status.


Associate Members are eligible to receive an NCIS Associate Member card, to attend NCIS conferences at a fee determined by the Board, to publicly identify as an Associate Member of NCIS, to receive NCIS members-only communications, and to upgrade Associate membership at any renewal date by applying for Regular membership.

To start an application for associate membership please visit Join.  Contact membership@ncis.org with questions.