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For membership and research project eligibility requirements, see the main NCIS Grants page (
The proposed research must be conducted as part of a substantial research project within a recognized field of scholarship,
•  Dissemination: The results of the research project must be intended for publication or other scholarly dissemination.

                NOTE: Applicants are requested to update their full CV on their NCIS Member Profile.


A.  MEMBER ELIGIBILITY CHECK (see main NCIS Grants page)


      First name, last name, email address, postal address, telephone number      


      1. Résumé or brief curriculum vitae (CV) of your relevant experience and qualifications

           Limit: 2 pages 12 pt Arial, one-inch margins, single-spaced; approx. 1,000 words; 64 MB

      2. List of your non-NCIS professional / scholarly affiliations (past and present)

D.  PROPOSED RESEARCH        NOTE:  BE SURE to address ALL of the “Judging Criteria” (below).

      1. Title of your research project

      2. Overview of proposed research project and its scope

Address the intellectual context, aim and scope of work, summary of expected major findings, intellectual significance, and what it contributes to the field of study.
If the proposed research is NOT obviously relevant to your scholarly interests as indicated in your CV and previous scholarly publications/presentations, explain how this project is appropriate to your new scholarly goals or direction.
Limit: 1 page 12 pt Arial, one-inch margins, single-spaced; approx. 500 words; 64 MB

      3. Research plan

Provide a detailed description of the research project activities, including scholarly methods and resources to be used, any proposed travel, research collaborators and assistants (indicate if any are NCIS members; this will NOT affect review of your application), contingency plans for unexpected impediments, and anything else that will help the reviewers understand the proposed research work. Indicate which specific activities/aspects of the project will be facilitated by the NCIS grant.

Limit: 1 page 12 pt Arial, one-inch margins, single-spaced; approx. 500 words; 64 MB


NOTE:  Activities to be funded by the NCIS award must be completed within the 12-month period of the grant.

1.  Specify the expected timeline for each activity leading towards completion of the ENTIRE research project, including submission towards publication, exhibition/performance/etc.
Tabular format is preferred, indicating activities (rows) and months 1-12 (columns).
Limit: ½ page 12 pt Arial, one-inch margins, single-spaced; approx. 250 words; 64 MB


               1. How do you plan to disseminate the results of your research? Describe the tangible product this award would help generate (e.g., peer-reviewed professional journal publication, essay, chapter, book, conference presentation, museum / exhibition presentation, performance, digital archive, publicly available platform, social media, etc.).


1. Itemized budget.  See “Eligible Expenses” (below)
List your planned expenses. Point-form or tabular format is preferred
Limit: ½ page 12 pt Arial, one-inch margins, single-spaced; approx. 250 words; 64 MB
2. Other sources of grant support, if any.
If your research project has other grant funding, please indicate the amount, source of funds, and corresponding research activities. If you do not have any other grant support, enter “NONE”.


                  ELIGIBLE EXPENSES
                  NOTE: If you have questions about particular expenses, direct questions to

• Accommodation during research trips (applicant is expected to source cheapest option)
• Subsistence during research trips (max $50 per diem)
• Transportation to/from research locations (airfare, train, bus, taxi, subway, etc.)
• Fees required to use specific research resources
• Materials and supplies specifically required for the research project
• Child-care and elder-care during research activities, if you would normally provide this

                Receipts are required for reimbursement. Submit:

                • Copies/PDFs of original receipts (not charge-card statements): do NOT submit original receipts       

                • Within 90 days of the 12-month post-decision date period   

                • Send to AND 

                 NB DISBURSEMENT OF GRANTS: Grants will be disbursed through PayPal only.

                 JUDGING CRITERIA

• Scope of project (provide in Overview; should be sufficiently focused and limited to ensure solid and timely progress)
• Intellectual significance / Contribution to field (provide in Overview)
• Scholarly methodology (provide in Research plan)
• Expertise / qualifications of applicant in relevant field (provide in CV)
• Potential for successful completion (provide in Timeline)
• Plan to disseminate research results (provide in Application Part D)

                NOTE: Grantees are expected to remain members in good standing for at least one year following award announcement.

                 As a grantee you are required to:

List “National Coalition of Independent Scholars” as your affiliation (or co-affiliation) in any resulting publications.
Add membership in NCIS to your professional CV.
Place NCIS brochures in libraries, archives, etc. that you use (ask permission first!). Brochures are available in both U.S. (Letter) and International (A4) size. Download brochures here.
Acknowledge NCIS grant support in the resulting publication, performance literature, exhibition, and any other disseminated product.
Submit a report of your research activities and project (with a photo if possible) to and In accepting the grant, you agree that your report may appear on NCIS website and/or social media, and be published in The Independent Scholar (as item on NCIS grantees) or in any other NCIS publication, digital or print.

            IN THE APPLICATION FORM you will be asked to upload files for each of the following:

  • CV/Resumé
  • Budget & other grant support
  • Overview of projected research project & scope
  • Research plan
  • Timeline

            QUESTIONS? Please direct questions to




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