NCIS was formed in January 1989 to facilitate the work of independent scholars. NCIS objectives are to:

  • Provide a sense of community in which independent scholars can exchange scholarly interests and expertise
  • Improve access to research libraries and institutions for independent scholars
  • Offer independent scholars information and advice about grants, fellowships, and publishing
  • Offer benefits specific to the needs of independent scholars
  • Encourage foundations and institutes to open competitions to independent scholars and to include them on review committees
  • Encourage the inclusion of independent scholars in professional organizations as Board members and Officers
  • Encourage the inclusion of independent scholars in journal and book publishing editorial boards and as peer readers and reviewers
  • Promote conferences and workshops
  • Offer grants or financial assistance to NCIS members and Affiliates
  • Encourage information exchange through publications and electronic communication
  • Serve as financial administrator for members applying for grants from other institutions
  • Aid organizations of independent scholars by collecting and sharing organization experience and by publicizing their work
  • Provide information for the creation of local organizations of independent scholars

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National Coalition of Independent Scholars