Global Cuisines by Independent Scholars: A Learned Cookbook
Greetings fellow scholars!
We are relaunching the NCIS cookbook project ‘Global Cuisines by Independent Scholars: A Learned Cookbook’, and we are seeking more submissions. Global Cuisines will feature members’ recipes, each accompanied by a brief essay (500-1000 words). The essay may illuminate the recipe in a wider scholarly context—historical, cultural, social, scientific, economic, environmental, etc. – or the recipe may complement the topic of the essay, as in Amanda Haste’s essay on modern monastic music, alongside a recipe for the French pastries known as religieuses.

We would love for you to to take advantage of this lighthearted and exciting opportunity to expand your scholarship. Those of you who have already submitted an original recipe are also invited to submit a second entry...or more!
The extended deadline for submissions is 30th June 2022.
If you are having trouble coming up with a topic, you will find three (unformatted) sample submissions, as well as submission guidelines, at

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