We are pleased to welcome four new Full and two new Associate members to the NCIS fold. They hail from the USA, Italy and Australia, and their fascinating specialisms range from laser plasma spectroscopy to ornithology and the ethics of charitable giving. Welcome! 
Dr Enrico Cameron (ITALY) is a professional geologist, educator, and researcher in applied geology and hydrogeology. He holds a MSc in Geological Sciences and a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Pavia, IT. His research focuses mainly on risk analysis and management using a variety of mathematical tools such as fuzzy logic, machine learning, and Bayesian networks. His research and professional interests also include land use planning, landscape studies and cultural geology. He is the author or co-author of several papers published in national or international scientific journals.
Dr Remah ElRashedy (ITALY) is an individual researcher in laser plasma spectroscopy and laser ablation in liquids for nanoparticle productions. They earned their doctoral degree in chemical sciences from the University of Bari, Italy. This achievement, in turn, has been recognized as a doctoral degree by Egyptian universities which awarded them a PhD in Laser Physics. They have become a skilled researcher in the experimental diagnosis of Laser-Induced Plasmas (LIP) using Optical Emission Spectroscopy and in LIP applications in cleaning archaeological objects for elemental analysis and nanoparticles production. Dr ElRashedy is looking for an academic position as a lecturer in physics and a researcher in laser-material interaction.
George Matthews (USA) earned his MA in History from Mexico State University, MA in Sports History from San Diego State University, and BS in Physical Education from Frostburg State University, Maryland. A retired educator, he taught in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Currently, as an independent scholar, historian and author, his primary area of research is the American West. He is the author of four books with his most current one: Zebulon Pike: Thomas Jefferson’s Agent for Empire. ABC-CLIO, Praeger imprint, 2016. In addition to NCIS, he belongs to Biographers International Organization, Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR), Organization of American Historians (OAH), and Western History Association (WHA).
William Mueller (USA) was Director (2013-2019) and staff ornithologist at the Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory, and served as Conservation Chair of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology from 2002 to 2012 and was active in ornithological groups including the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI) where he co-chaired WBCI’s Issues Committee and a current member of WBCI's Steering Committee. Bill was Project Coordinator for the Milwaukee BIOME Project, working on migratory stopover ecology of birds in an urban area. Bill completed his master’s degree at UW-Milwaukee, and did his graduate research on the biogeography and recent decline of the Red-headed Woodpecker. During the spring of 2013, Bill walked 246 miles across the state of Wisconsin, from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River, to raise awareness about bird conservation and to raise funds for the Bird Protection Fund of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.
Olivia Kinnear (AUSTRALIA) will soon complete her PhD at Deakin University in Melbourne. Her work critically examines politics of ‘spiritual politics’ in the context of colonisation and modernity. She explores the way that spirituality is mobilised in a variety of discourses and situations, and the politic consequences that flow from this. She has a BA/BSc from Monash University in History, Cultural Studies and Mathematics, and Honours in International Studies from RMIT. She is also a qualified teacher, and runs her own business supporting high school students in developing their creativity and critical thinking and achieving their educational goals. She is passionate about creating a more just society through education.
Robert Hybben (USA) is the Co-Director of the Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He previously served as an adjunct professor of English at Hamline University and in a variety of program and development roles at The Minneapolis Foundation. Robert holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hamline University and a Bachelor of Arts from Gustavus Adolphus College. His research focuses on the moral and ethical basis of charitable giving – specifically, questions of why we give, what we give, and how we give.

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