We are pleased to welcome another three members this month: one at Full and two at Associate level. We are also pleased to announce that Dr Beth Hardie (UK) has been promoted from Associate to Full member status this month.
Dr Suzanne Marie Litrel (USA) is a historian, author, and educator. She is a co-author of the forthcoming Notable Women of Latin America (Rowman & Littlefield), and her other work-in-progress, derived from her dissertation, is Negotiating Dutch Brazil: Portuguese Atlantic Resistance and Renewal (University of New Mexico Press). Before returning to graduate school for a Ph.D. in History, she taught public high school for fourteen years; she also holds an M.A. in Chinese Studies. A history education consultant, she wrote the Jackie Tempo historical fiction series. She has taught for over twenty years, including undergraduates, and is co-editor for journal World History Connected.
Dr. Maria Eva Pangilinan (USA) completed her BA in Psychology (1981) from the University of the Philippines, and MA in Psychology (1991) and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (1999) from the University of Hawaii. Her dissertation on the determinants of child immunization led to a post-doctoral research fellowship from the University of California in San Francisco (1999-2001). Her vacation in Stockholm was extended by the events on 9-11; fortunately, the need for her skills in clinical and quantitative research took her back to California where she has been working as a Research Psychologist since 2002. Her current research interests are immigration, spirituality and well-being.  
Jamahl Peavey (USA) earned his M.Ed and BSME from Cambridge College, MA (2001) and Boston University, MA (1993) respectively, and he is a high school mathematics and physics instructor with a special interest in studying complex systems.  A major physics breakthrough came during an eight-year research project when he mathematically isolated real large-scale wave functions within binary star systems.  Successfully calculating these stars’ complex orbital precessions proved macro wave functions are synchronizing the stars’ gravitational and electromagnetic fields.  “Binary Precession Solutions Based on Synchronized Field Couplings” was published by the Indian Journal of Science and Technology and later reported in Anne Astronomy News.  The classical wave function’s discovery represents a successful Phase 1 research program on which Mr Peavey is currently developing a Phase 2 mathematical physics program.

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