Marco Abarca (PUERTO RICO) was born in Costa Rica and lives in Puerto Rico. He has over 30 years of experience working with NGOs, governments, private business and academic institutions in areas of human rights, rights-based approaches to development. He holds a MSt in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford (United Kingdom, 2007); a PGD in Rural Development and Planning from the International Institute for Social Studies in The Hague (Netherlands, 1998); an MBA from Universidad Interamericana (Costa Rica, 1997) and a LLB from Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (Costa Rica, 1990). Mr. Abarca is author of two books on ethics and corporate social responsibility. Currently, he serves as advisor in a partnership between Cultural Agents at Harvard and Colombia´s Special Jurisdiction for Peace; to educate magistrates, lawyers and victims on the principles of participation of victims of human rights violations in undergoing Transitional Justice processes in Colombia.
Dr Susan Gorman (USA) has a PhD in English from Tufts University and now lives outside Boston with her partner, three dogs, and four cats. She has taught English, Literature, and Women’s Studies classes since the early 1990s and has led an independent reading group for almost as long. She has published on modernist novelist and playwright Susan Glaspell, the Occupy movement, and teaching Dante’s Inferno to nontraditional students. Her current research focuses on neoliberalism in literature and precarity as a means of social and political control.
Dr Michael Benjamin Riordan (UK) earned his PhD in History (2015) and MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History from Cambridge; BA in Politics and History, University of Sheffield (2008). He has guest lectured on the topic of Puritan Alternatives. Dr. Riordan’s general research interests are history, religion, politics, and philosophy. More specifically, his doctoral dissertation explored mysticism and prophecy in 18th-century Scotland. He currently has a chapter, “The Moral Reformation in Scotland,” for an edited collection under review by Oxford University Press. Additional anthology chapters include “The French Prophets and the Scottish Mystics: Prophecies and Letters” (Early Modern Prophecies in Transnational, National and Regional Texts, 2020); “Scottish Political Prophecies and the Crowns of Britain, 1500-1840 (The Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland (2020); and “Discerning Spirits in the Early Enlightenment” (Knowing Demons, Knowing Spirits, 2018). He also has published a journal article and book reviews along with conducting numerous conference and seminar presentations. 
Dr Barbara Wilson (UK) is a pracademic who has practised as a mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consultant in the private, public and voluntary sectors since 1990. She has taught, trained and consulted internationally, and is published in several jurisdictions. She was awarded her PhD (2009, by publication) by the University of Portsmouth (UK).   She is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow where she teaches on the Law School’s LLM/MSc courses in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Her research interests include mediator expertise, applied and virtue ADR ethics, and making various forays into the theory/practice divide.  
Dr Behzad Nazari (IRAN / USA) earned his PhD in Civil Engineering (2015) from the University of Texas at Arlington; M.Sc. in River Engineering (2013) from the Power and Water University of Technology, Tehran, Iran; and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (2009) from the Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on several engineering topics at the University of Texas at Arlington and the Power and Water University of Technology. Dr. Nazari’s research interests, among other subjects, include hydraulic-hydrologic modeling and flood inundation mapping, water resources management and planning, shortcomings of the existing floodplain management infrastructure and policies and advising, and large scale geo-spatial data analysis and GIS programming in support of hydrosciences. He has published several journal articles (e.g., co-author D.-J. Seo, “Symbolic Explicit Solutions for 1-Dimensional Linear Diffusive Wave Equation with Lateral Inflow and their Applications,” Water Resources Research, Dec 2020) and has presented at numerous local, national, and international conferences.

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