April 2021 turned out to be a record month for new members. Our hard-working Membership Vetting Team processed and accepted no fewer than thirteen new members during the month. We extend a warm welcome to these eight new Full members and five new Associate members, who hail from the USA, Brazil, France and Vietnam.

Dr Camille F. Béra (FRANCE) was born in Vichy, France. She graduated with a master’s degree from the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne in 2013 and pursued her doctoral studies at the University of Rouen Normandie. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2018 with her thesis “Le Black Metal : un genre musical entre transgression et transcendence.” In 2019, she earned the title of Maître de conférences through the national open contest. She has been since working on Metal music, publishing papers and book chapters and attending conferences in France and abroad. Her main research interests are aesthetics, popular music history and analysis, ecomusicology and links between metal music and contemporary art music.
Dr Oksana Bihun (USA) is an independent mathematician, writer, and musician. Originally from Ukraine, she received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, in 2009. Dr. Bihun has 11 years of experience as a mathematics professor, earning her tenure in 2019. Her research is in Mathematical Physics, Special Functions, and Numerical Analysis. She has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications. In 2020 Dr. Bihun opted out of her academic career to explore independent research, writing, and others. She created the Youtube channel "Self-care for Body Mind Spirit."
Christine Caccipuoti (USA) received both her BA and MA in history from Fordham University. Since 2013 she has served as co-producer and a host of the podcast Footnoting History. Her primary research interests, as showcased through Footnoting History, center on the families of France’s Emperor Napoleon I and England’s King Henry II. Christine coedited Independent Scholars Meet the World: Expanding Academia beyond the Academy (University Press of Kansas, 2020) and has contributed entries on Blanche Caldwell Barrow and Jane Manning James to Oxford University Press’s American National Biography.
Dr. Walter G. Green III (USA) holds Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration in Aviation and a PhD in Organizational Development.  A retired Air Force Officer with a specialty in air battle management, he served as the Emergency Manager for the Virginia Department of Health, before serving as Program Chair for undergraduate and graduate degrees in emergency management and disaster science at the University of Richmond.  A life-long fencer, he has developed a fourth career as a Maitre d'Armes (Fencing Master), with a primary research interest in the techniques and tactics of the classical fencing period from 1880 to 1939.  He serves as Director of the Classical Academy of Arms, a National Committee on the Accreditation of Coaching Education accredited coach development program.
Robin Y. Mabry-Hubbard (USA) received her Ed.S. in Educational Technology-Higher Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia along with reaching ABD status with her PhD in Rural Sociology-Community Informatics from the University of Missouri (dissertation: “Social Capital: Reducing Social Isolation of Rural Women Using the Internet“). Additional degrees include an MBA in Finance (St. Louis University), BS in Computer Information Systems (Maryville University), and BS in Public Administration (University of Missouri). Since retiring from teaching, she serves as a freelance researcher and content writer through the QUORA knowledge-sharing platform. She also freelances as a college tutor and mentor. Her research interests include e-research methods and best practices, intersection and parallels of digital world with physical world, and social capital and new media technologies. She has presented her work at numerous conferences, symposia, and workshops.
Courtney Lazore (USA) is a writer, editor, and researcher with interests in BTS studies, fan studies, and Korean history and culture. She runs a website dedicated to BTS Studies, serves as a founding member of the Bangtan Scholars network, and acts as copyeditor for The Rhizomatic Revolution Review, an academic journal specialized in BTS Studies. Her work has been previously published in the Asia Marketing Journal, the Quarterly of East Asian Studies, and on several pop culture websites. She received her BA in History (East Asia) and MA in English, and has presented her work at several conferences. Currently, she is working on her first full-length manuscript.
Dr. Eloy Eros da Silva Nogueira (BRAZIL) earned his PhD in Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas EAESP (2007), Master’s in Administration from Federal University of Paraná (2001), his Bachelor of Business Administration from FAE (Catholic College of Administration and Economics), and Bachelor of Law from the Federal University of Paraná. He worked as a teacher and advisor in the doctoral and master’s degree programs in Administration at the University Postivo. He is dedicated to teaching and research in the areas of Organizational Studies and Qualitative Methodology. His most recent research focuses on the contribution made by studies on culture, symbolism, practices, learning the interrelationship of structure with agency capacity.
Dr Natalia Silva Prada (USA) was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. She graduated from Del Valle University (Cali, Colombia) with a BA in History and earned her MA and PhD in History from El Colegio de México (Mexico City). After working as a full-time professor and researcher in the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City for thirteen years, she moved to Italy and then to the United States. She has been living in the Washington area since 2011, researching at the Library of Congress. Natalia has published her academic work in Latin America, Europe and the US. She owns and manages two academic blogs hosted by Hypothèses French platform, Los reinos de las Indias and Paleografías americanas. She is interested in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Cultural History, specifically in cultural language and political criticism and propaganda. Natalia’s book, Pasquines, cartas y enemigos, will be published this year by Del Rosario University (Bogotá, Colombia). Her book, La política de una rebelión, received a research award by the Metropolitan Autonomous University in 2009.
Dr. Elisha Allan-Perkins (USA) is a plant pathologist specializing in fungal diseases and their management and soil microbial and nematode communities.  She earned her M.S. in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire and her Ph.D. in Plant Biology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  She has primarily worked on diseases of perennial crops, specifically turfgrasses, boxwoods, and hops.  She is currently studying disease management for home gardeners, specifically looking at vegetable and hop production. 
Dr. Mike Marin (USA) received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of South Africa (UNISA) with a dissertation entitled, “Exploring Complexity Metrics for Artifact-Centric Business Process Models. “ He is currently an independent researcher, after a long software research and development career at IBM and Unisys. With these companies, he designed, researched and developed software, including several domain-specific languages, business process management, enterprise content management, and case management products. He also has worked on compilers and computer language translation technology. Currently his personal research interest focuses on computer translation applied to embedded systems using micro-controllers and wireless open source mesh networks.
Dr Mary Ellen Nourse (USA) has an Ed.D. from the University of Memphis, an MS from Northern Michigan University, and a BS from Central Michigan University. She also completed post-doctoral work through the University of Idaho. After 41 years in Education, teaching at secondary, post-secondary, undergraduate,  graduate, and Corrections levels, Dr. Nourse officially retired in January 2021. During her 21 years in Corrections, she presented at local, state, and regional conferences. She still has a “passion for prisons” and is looking forward to adding to the body of knowledge in this area and in Career and Technical Education.
Mel Schenck (VIETNAM/USA) is an American architect with experience managing design and construction around the world. He managed construction contracts to Vietnamese constructors for the U.S. Navy in Saigon in 1971-72 where he became enamored with Vietnamese mid-century modernist architecture. After over three decades managing architectural projects and a firm in America, he returned to Vietnam in 2006 to direct design and construction of large developments and new cities. Since 2015, Mel has been a full-time independent researcher and writer focusing on Vietnamese architecture. His first book Southern Vietnamese Modernist Architecture was published internationally in 2020.
Tachelle Wilkes (USA) is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She garnered a BA in professional English with a concentration in secondary education at North Carolina A & T (1997) and an MA in American Literature from Brooklyn College (1999). She is a teacher, author, screenwriter, artist, and activist. She has been on the forefront of women in equity in the music industry since 2004 with her company Femmixx. She has written for Source Magazine, Vibe, Ebony.com and is the author of teen novel: Amanda’s Ray. She is a set teacher where she has worked with kid actors on TV shows, films, and projects such as Grammy & Golden Globe winner & Oscar nominated The Greatest Showman, Manifest, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Met Opera House, The Blacklist and God Friended Me. Her research comprises the blues pattern in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and presently she is working on research uncovering root causes of the gender imbalance in the field of music production with an ethnomusicological approach.

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