The Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize is awarded annually for the best peer-reviewed article/book chapter by an NCIS member, and is jointly funded by NCIS and the family of the much-lamented Professor Elizabeth Eisenstein. The winner receives not only the kudos of having the quality of their work recognized, but also an honorarium of 350 USD. Subject to publishers' permissions the winning essays are republished in our OA peer-reviewed journal The Independent Scholar.
NCIS Grant Awards Chair Dr Joan Cunningham explains the decision of the 2021 Eisenstein Committee.
"The joint winners are: 
Janet Smith, "Crossing the Border of Citizenship: Helen Taylor, the Independent Radical Democrat Candidate for Camberwell North, 1885" and
Phillip Reid, "Conveyance and Commodity: The Ordinary Merchant Ship in the British Atlantic, 1600–1800."
Both Dr Janet Smith and Dr Phillip Reid submitted papers of extraordinary scholarship and merit, well-written, polished, fascinating to read, and totally accessible to the non-specialist.   The committee was unanimous that they each fully deserved first place and could not rank one above the other, and so we recommend these submissions as tied for first place. The winners will share the honorarium.
The Runner-up was:
Evan Dutmer, "Teaching as Consolatio: Re-imagining the Teacher-Student Dynamic in Times of Emergency).
Dr Evan Dutmer submitted a magnificent and scholarly work of extraordinary compassion and timeliness, demonstrating a real world application of the specialized field of Classics to theories of “social and emotional learning”, during a time of considerable strain for students: the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee unanimously agreed that this work deserved a close second place.
As always, these were terrifically interesting submissions. The Committee was unanimous in our rankings and believe we have made the best and fairest decisions.  NCIS has some terrific scholars!"

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