Welcome to seven new members

We are pleased to welcome seven new members this month, five at Full Membership and two new Associate Members. Unusually, all these scholars are from the USA!

Dr Deepa Deshpande works with faculty at University of Tennessee, Knoxville as an independent research contractor, to provide research support and services in literature review, data analysis, and publication. She is listed as co-PI with Dr Frances Harper of the University of Tennessee, to develop an equity-directed classroom observation protocol in Math Education. She also works with two non-profits to develop evaluation and program assessment measures, and conduct population research.            
Dr Connie Goddard is a historian of the Progressive Era, and a  journalist well-grounded in academic and trade publishing. She is in the process of moving a host of experiences from her head into a book : tentatively entitled “Schooling the Hand and the Head,” it will recount concise histories of three distinctive Progressive-Era manual training schools in Chicago, New Jersey, and North Dakota, all chosen because of a personal connection. Dr Goddard’s dissertation (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005) was on Chicago educator Ella Flagg Young (1845-1918), and she has numerous connections with the idea of learning by doing. Over the past two decades, she has taught at several levels, given dozens of presentations, and written articles for a variety of publications.
Dr Amy Hale gained her PhD in Folklore and Mythology from the University of California  and her research interests include Contemporary Celtic Studies, Contemporary Cornwall, Modern Paganism, contemporary occult subcultures, Paganism and the New Right. Dr Hale has taught as adjunct faculty at Golden Gate University, Maryland University and several Florida-based community colleges ; she was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Cornish Studies of Exeter University (UK) 1997–2000, and Lecturer in Contemporary Celtic Studies at the Institute of Cornish Studies 2000–2001. Widely published, she has received several awards, including  an AAR West Regional Grant for Envisioning Academic Alternatives (2015) and a Paul Mellon Research Grant for Ithell Colquhoun research (2009).
Dr Jason Kalmbach gained his PhD from Michigan State University with his dissertation “Understanding the Debate: The Limits of Scientific Knowledge” (2013) and his research focuses on Public Policy, Environmental Policy, and Public Opinion. Hitherto an Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Dr Kalmbach is taking up a position in a not-for-profit doing higher education research, and is the Director of Research and Analysis for the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. He has published on public policy issues including climate change politics, water quality, and attitudes to nuclear power.
As a writer and researcher, industrial design historian Dr Victoria Matranga has consulted with the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, and Toledo Museum of Art and has curated exhibitions at smaller institutions. Since 1992, she has researched Chicago’s industrial design history and recorded oral histories of more than 60 designers. She has lectured on Chicago design history at academic conferences and universities and has written about industrial design for numerous publications. In 2017-2019 she contributed to six projects in the Terra Foundation-funded Art Design Chicago initiative. She is currently developing a website about Chicago product design and manufacturing to launch in 2020.
Dr Craig Lee Keller is full-time term faculty and serves as a Professorial Lecturer at American University.* He gained a Ph.D (2002) and M.Phil (1994) in American Studies from George Washington University, and also holds a M.T.S. in Christianity and Culture (Harvard Divinity School, 1991) and M.I.A. in Security Studies (Columbia University, 1988). He specializes in Contemporary U.S. History, and is currently researching a full-length biography of Mitch Snyder, a national advocate for the homeless rights movement.
*Associate Membership is open to scholars who support the mission of NCIS ; this may include tenurde faculty. Member benefits are limited at this level, e.g. Associate Members are not eligible to apply for NCIS grants.
Dr Mary Walker works in Higher Education Administration at California State University, Long Beach, where she gained her Master of Public Administration in 1998. Her research focuses are local history (Long Beach, California) and esotericism in Britain and the United States. Her PhD in History (University of Virginia, 1987) focused on Modern British/Women’s History (Dissertation: “The Impact of the First World War on the Participation of Women in Local Government in England and Wales”) and she is currently working on a book on an occult leader in Long Beach, California active in the early 20th century.

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