In May we welcomed another six new members to the NCIS fold. They hail from England and the USA and their disciplines include linguistics and translation, history, electrical and computer engineering, psychology, and international law.
Nicole Bonino (USA) earned a PhD in Spanish Literature from the University of Virginia, and she also holds an MA in Spanish Literature and an MA in Comparative Literature. Her areas of interests are Urban and Migration Studies and Environmental Humanities and she is currently working on two book manuscripts and some academic articles on the interlinkages between urban migration, literature, and visual art in the metropoli of the Global South. Dr Bonino is also organizing two panels at MLA 2021 and the next North East Modern Language Association conference (NEMLA 2021).
Jane S. Gabin (USA) earned a PhD in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her areas of interest include American expatriate women of the 19th century, and American women who studied art in France in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She is an independent educational consultant who has taught at high school and college level, as well as for lifelong learning. She has published three academic books, including and one novel.
Xiaodan Li (USA) earned an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University to complement his MS in Industrial Engineering. Research from BeiHang University in China. Writing interests include deep learning and natural language processing, and Xiaodan has published numerous articles. In addition to experience as a teacher and researcher at university level, Xiaodan has extensive computer skills and has experience in the technology industry.
Charlotte Naylor Davis (UK) earned a PhD in Theology at the University of London, and also holds an MA in Biblical Studies. She is also interested in death metal music and her publications include Good Omens and The Bible (2020), “Heavy Metal and Sex: Myths of Subversion in Alternative Art” (2021) and “Building New Texts While Building New Worlds: The construction and nature of sacred text in a world where ‘God is Change’ in light of discussions of Hebrew wisdom literature (2020). She has wide experience teaching at college and university level in the UK and in the US and has been a youth and community worker, with experience in pastoral care, mentoring, multi-agency youth work, local authority and community projects, homeless projects. Her research engagement extends beyond academia, and she has recently been awarded the Leeds Church Institute Bursary, to produce a collaborative work in theology and art.
Charles E. Quince (USA) was a Company Commander in the United States Marines Corps, and since leaving the military he has been working as a reference librarian while carrying out his research. In 2007 he earned a JD at the Northwestern California University School of Law in Sacramento, and he also holds an MS in Library Science and an MA in American History. He His areas of interest are American History and International Law, and he is the author of Resistance to the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars (2017) and The Exclusive Economic Zone (2019). Dr Quince is a member of the American Historical Society and the American Society of International Law.
Thomas J. Czeizinger, Jr. (USA) is our newest associate member. He earned the title of Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Center for Logotherapy, Graduate Theological Foundation, Oklahoma City, and his academic background also includes an MA in Liberal Studies, (Psychology of Religion). He is a researcher, psychologist, EMS provider, & criminal justice professional and holds numerous certificates and credentials in psychology, psychotherapy, crisis counseling, drug and alcohol counseling. He has worked as a research scientist, in private practice, and as a systems coordinator. A list of his wide-ranging publications can be found at

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