We welcome four new Full Members members from the USA, and a new Associate Member from Egypt; between them they hold advanced degrees in American Literature, Materials Science, Pastoral Studies, Hospitality Science, Education and Biblical Archeology.
Stephanie M. Stella (USA) gained a Ph.D. (2013) and M.Phil. (2003) in American Literature from Marquette University. Her research and writing interests include twentieth-century literature, feminist and rhetorical theories, and trauma studies. Her current project is a comparative study analyzing the narrative strategies twentieth-century Italian and American authors employ to represent experiences of gender-based trauma.
Gandhimathi Muthuselvam (USA) holds a PhD in Materials Science at Anna University, Chennai, India. He has mentored other scholars and won many awards and honors.  His research interests include laser generation crystals, nonlinear optics, synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots and metal nano particles using wet chemical solution process, and sol-gel techniques.
James Goetz (USA) earned a BS in Pastoral Studies at the University of Valley Forge, PA. His research interests include analytic philosophy, metaphysics, theology, science, political theory, mind, and biblical studies. His experience includes numerous publications and pastoral work. He has also served as an editor and consultant, and has certifications as a minister.
Elizabeth Anne Wesner (USA) earned an MS in Hospitality Science at Florida International University and a PhD in Education at the University of Virginia. Her experience includes teaching, research, and administration. She has also been the recipient of awards. Her research interests include education in China and international education. She is fluent in Chinese and is a certified teacher and ACTFL proficiency scorer of Chinese.
Doaa El Shereef (EGYPT) is a new Associate Member. She earned a PhD in Biblical Archeology at Blue Marble University in Dominica. Her interests include Arab affairs and Hebrew literature in which she has authored numerous publications and presentations, and she has also served as a media expert, editor, and analytic writer.

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