We are delighted to welcome the following new members this month, with some fascinating research interests ranging from aesthetics to cell biology and from ethnomusicology to the human animal bond.
Stacy Nicole Hand (USA) earned a PhD in Art History at the University of Michigan. She has received many honors and awards, and her research and teaching areas include the sensory history and phenomenology of modern art and design, German art and design from Jugendstil through the Bauhaus, the historiography and meaning of materials in modernism, cognitive theories of aesthetic experience, and aesthetic experience as a model of consciousness.
Regina Birchem (USA) earned a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Georgia, Athens, and has published in the fields of cell biology, plant propagation, education and environment. Dr. Birchem participated in the UN Earth Summit in Rio 1992, and UN Conferences in New York, Geneva, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Beijing, and Johannesburg. She was a board member of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), encountering women globally in countries experiencing war and conflict. Her current projects involve writing historical non-fiction.
Emily Patterson-Kane (USA) gained her PhD in Psychology from the University of Victoria, in Wellington, New Zealand, and her experience has included research and teaching, as well as numerous publications and presentations which have earned her many honors and awards. Her research, teaching, and advocacy have included animal welfare and the human animal bond.
Kikutsubo Galathea Mikhailovna Mizuno Day (DENMARK) earned a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of London, and her experience has included research, teaching, as well as conference presentations and publications, earning her several awards and honors. She has also been a featured performer and soloist at numerous concerts and has realized many musical CDs. She is also fluent in several languages

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