Now that TIS is in its sixth year, we have been looking at the way articles are presented. Until now, we have allowed authors to choose any internally consistent referencing system, but the TIS Editorial Board feels this detracts from the professionalism of our publication. The Editorial Board has therefore decided to standardize the referencing style for TIS. As you can imagine, the eight-strong Editorial Board each have different, strongly held preferences, but we have reached a consensus and will be adopting APA style from Vol. 7 onwards. Authors will now be required to submit manuscripts formatted in TIS house style, and with references formatted in APA style.
Volume 6 of The Independent Scholar (TIS)is now on line at and is the first of two issues engaging with the theme of our conference at UMass Amherst (June 2019). A number of papers are currently under review for a general issue, and for another conference-themed issue.
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