The Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (FIRE-UK), the new UK-based NCIS-affiliated group held its first webinar on Wed 8 July, on the theme of "How to Publish your Thesis." The FIRE-UK steering committee of Hannah Pethen Barrett (Essex), Janet Smith (Brighton) and chair Linda Baines (Oxon) were joined by a lively panel comprising Dr Jasmine Shadrack - Senior Lecturer in Popular Music (Northampton), Dr Lyle Skains - Creative Digital Writer (Bangor), and Jess Farr-Cox - Editor (Bristol), who gave us the benefit of their authorial and editorial experience in publishing from theses, and answered a veritable flood of questions from the floor. We made full use of the Zoom chat facility, meaning that participants could pose questions in writing, and these could then be taken in order without the need for waving hands in the air for ages.
The webinar was a really informative - and fun - event, and was even more rewarding for one lucky attendee, because NCIS member and independent researcher extraordinaire Dr Helen Kara ( offered us a copy of her book on 'Publishing from your Doctoral Research' The names of all those present were put in the draw, and the lucky winner was Dr Helen Ross (Wiltshire) who will receive a copy of this excellent book direct from the author.

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