New Associate Editor for TIS

We are delighted to welcome Dr Annie Rehill as Associate Editor of The Independent Scholar (TIS). This brings our Editorial Board up to eight editors, each covering different specialist areas.
Annie Rehill (Ph.D. Modern French Studies, MFA) specializes in the literature and history of Francophone Canada, focusing on intercultural expressions and implications. Most recently she has studied Métis literature and art. Previous work in ecocriticism centered on representations of the Canadian coureur de bois figure, and on Francophone Caribbean writings. Her publications include “Le Travail dans la nature canadienne: L’Équilibre (et le déséquilibre) humain tel qu’il est représenté par Louis Goulet et Joseph-Charles Taché” (2018); “An Ecocritical Reading of Joseph-Charles Taché’s Forestiers et voyageurs” (2018); Backwoodsmen As Ecocritical Motif in French Canadian Literature (2016); and “Inscriptions of Nature from Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Martinique” (2015).
Image: Beadwork Then and Now,” Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg,

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