Tom Barney (UK) earned his PhD in Poetry and Linguistics at the University of Lancaster, and his academic background also includes an MA in Linguistics. He has written on linguistics, stylistics, and the history of the county of Middlesex, is currently working on two papers, and has presented at numerous conferences. His other interests include archaeology, literary translation, and archives.
Aimee Grant (UK) has a PhD in Social Policy at Cardiff University and an MSc in social science research methods. She has held appointments as a research fellow and research associate. Her writings include books, refereed journal articles, book chapters, and reports, and she has several other research and writing projects in process. Her skills include research, management and administration, and teaching and she is a member of numerous professional associations.
Juliet Okpo (Nigeria) earned her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK). Her research and writing include peer-reviewed articles, with another in progress, and she is currently working on a project on adaptive exercise selection for an intelligent tutoring system.
Rebecca Yvonne Gibson Stallings (USA) earned her MS in Geospatial Sciences at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, and she also has an MHS with a concentration in Biostatistics.  Her field of interest is public health/medicine, with a focus on risk factors for infection and transmission of infectious diseases and their spatial distribution, especially in developing countries, and risk factors for and spatial distribution of environmentally linked illnesses. She has held positions as a research data assistant and research analyst, and has been the founder of a Montessori Centre. She also has extensive computer skills.
Sarah M. Dyson (USA) earned a PhD in Social Psychology at Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and her academic background includes an MS in Business Administration and Information Technology. She is adjunct faculty at a community college and is certified as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach (Udemy) and as a Peer Reviewer (Elsevier). She has entrepreneurial experience as well as industry and professional experience, and is the author of two books.
Kimberly Taylor Lee (USA) earned a PhD in Public Administration and Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, Blacksburg, Virginia, and she also holds an EdS in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education. Her areas of interest are organizational collaboration/ networks, institutionalism, and social policy. As an adjunct at community colleges and at As an adjunct she has taught courses in U.S. government and public policy and has recently co-authored a book chapter “Enhancing Public Sector Innovation. Examining the Network-Innovation Relationship.”

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