BASIRA signs partnership with Penn Schoenberg Institute

Barbara Williams Ellertson, our indefatigable Partner Group Liaison Officer, is a founder of the BASIRA (Books as Symbols in Renaissance Art) and we are delighted to announce that BASIRA has just signed a new partnership with the Penn Schoenberg Institute. 
In alliance with the Schoenberg Institute of Manuscript Studies (SIMS), the BASIRA Project is on its way to becoming publicly accessible resource, thanks to the generosity of the Kress Foundation. Dr. Nicholas Herman, Curator of Manuscripts at SIMS, is co-PI with Barbara Williams Ellertson of a recent Kress Digital Art History grant award to the University of Pennsylvania. This funding will make it possible for SIMS staff to convert the BASIRA database from its current restricted, FilemakerPro platform to open-source technology, using the MySQL database engine and the SOLR search engine.
You can find details of this prestigious alliance on

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