New Associate Member Lisa Catherine Camichos (USA) is a History teacher at Hickory High School in Hickory, NC, teaching Human Geography, World History, and English. Lisa gained her MA in History from W. Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC in 2000, and is certified in Social Sciences, English, and Science. She is currently writing on Volos during Nazi occupation, specifically The Orlando Plan, and also researches and writes on digital learning.
Dr Federico Maria Giuliani (ITALY) gained his J.D., summa cum laude, from the State Univerity of Milan, Italy in 1984; he was Attorney at Law at the Bar of Milan from 1988, and admitted before the Supreme Court in Rome in 2000. He has continued his legal studies at Harvard University – Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain; Regent University, VA (Master of Laws, 2002); and Leiden University in the Netherlands, and was Professor by contractual appointment of Comparative/Commercial/Tax Law at the State University of Eastern Piedmont and as legal counsel before becoming an independent researcher in 2008. His publications are listed at https://federicomariagiuliani.com/fmg/
Dr Xuefeng Li (China, USA) gained his PhD in Forest Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006. He has held research posts at the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and at North Carolina State University, USA, and also spent a year as a Visiting Scholar at the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council). His research specialism is Forest C cycling in response to environmental changes
Dr Joseph R. Scotti (USA) spent 23 years as a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program at West Virginia University reaching the rank of Full Professor, and in 2013 chose to go into private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst. Dr Scotti has worked with the Veterans Committee of the State Legislature of West Virginia in 2012 through 2018 to conduct two state-wide surveys of over 3,000 veterans and current military members, with the final analyses to be published as a book. He is also helping families impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and is launching a multi-state project to evaluate needs and access to services of children and adults with ASD and related disorders. Lastly, in his new position as lead psychologist at a prison run by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Dr Scotti is developing (with several colleagues) several assessments of stress and trauma in both inmates and correctional staff in the prison setting. Having served on a university IRB for nearly 20 years, he is also exploring options for NCIS to develop an IRB to support our members.

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