A warm welcome to our newest members!

This month we are delighted to welcome four new scholars, each with a wealth of academic experience. Their research fields include business and management, disability studies, medical humanities, Hispanic and Latin American literature, and wide-ranging views of the drama (including online role-playing as theater). While some of these fields are nontraditional, all are highly interesting and relevant to current dilemmas in societal management.  Welcome one and all!
Dr. Linda Baines is an independent researcher and a visiting researcher at the University of Southampton (Great Britain).  She has experience in commercial contract management and is currently researching and writing about disability in the context of business and management research, and also about social responsibility.
Dr. Jonathon Erlen has just retired from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (USA) having taught at medical schools for the past 45+ years in the medical humanities. However, he continues to work in his field, currently by producing bi-monthly lists of current doctoral dissertations in a wide variety of subject areas.
Dr. Maria Hernandez (Ph.D. Stanford University, USA) is an independent researcher and consultant who has recently published a book (in Spanish) about the prostitute as a literary character in Western Literature and Late XIX Century Latin American literature. She is currently working on a second book (already accepted by her publisher) and papers on several Spanish-speaking poets.
Dr. Tobin Neilhouse (Ph.D. Northwestern University, USA) is a retired faculty member who holds advanced degrees in comparative literature and library science. Tobin is currently working on a book about online role-playing as theater and its implications for our concept of theater itself. The book has received preliminary interest from a publisher and Dr Neilhouse plans to submit a formal proposal soon.

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