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Dr. Susan de Gaia : Susan earned her Ph.D. in Religion-Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. Through her teaching and writing, Susan works to spread compassion and social justice. Her courses in comparative religions and the study of death and dying help to increase students' cultural competence, understanding of diversity, and compassionate responses to the human condition. She edited and contributed to the Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions to raise awareness of women's many contributions to religion and culture. Susan is a member of the Charter for Compassion International, where she works with others to increase compassion in the world and to protect the natural environment and improve conditions for women and girls.
Dr. Brian Eggert: Brian is the film critic and owner of Deep Focus Review (, where he has written thousands of movie reviews and critical essays about film since 2007. He holds a BA in Art History from the University of Minnesota, minoring in Studies in Cinema & Media Culture and Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature.  Brian also holds a master's degree in Film Studies from Tiffin University. His research centers on film history and film theory, with a particular interest in Classical Hollywood, postcolonialism, and antifascist cinema.

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