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Andrew Calimach is a Romanian-American author, mythographer, and playwright,and  independently working historian. He is a polyglot, with command of Romanian, French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, and has written a best-selling work on mythography, Lovers’ Legends: The Gay Greek Myths. Published in the US in 2001, the work received excellent reviews in the field of classics from reviewers such as the Bryn Mawr Classical Review. Lovers’ Legends: The Gay Greek Myths is the first work in modern times to gather together all the myths of masculine love from Greek and Roman antiquity and restore them based strictly on ancient material. The book was nominated for several Lambda awards in 2003, and has won several other prizes. Since the publication of this work, Calimach has continued his research and writing, and has published articles on the history and ethics of masculine love in the US, the UK, and in mainland China. With the self-produced radio play Archias and Actaeon, featuring incidental music composed and played for the occasion by the LyrAvlos Ensemble, Calimach continues his work of restoring and reviving the ancient Greek myths of love between males. He is working on a second edition of his monograph, incorporating several new myths largely unknown to the general public, and a systematization of Greek male love mythology.
Dr Pamela Felder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), a historically Black institution in the University of Maryland System, where she also works on special projects for the Dean of the School of Arts and Professions.  Dr. Felder’s research focuses on the racial and cultural experiences associated with doctoral degree attainment. She is committed to enhancing models of doctoral student socialization. She believes that an understanding of the doctorate has tremendous implications for learning and/or addressing many areas of higher education that have been viewed historically as problematic. The foremost concern in her research is the discussion of inequity in access in postsecondary education. Thus, her work not only examines the statistical trends of doctoral degree attainment, it also explores predoctoral and postdoctoral degree experiences to shed light on the socialization aspects of students who enter doctoral study and the disciplinary identities of doctoral degree holders as they begin to engage in their professions. Dr Felder is Professor in the Organizational Leadership (ORLD) Ph.D. program where she chaired and served on dissertation committees, as well as, program, departmental, school, and university committees.  Additionally, she worked to enhance and develop programmatic initiatives; this includes launching the very first ORLD faculty/student writing collaborative designed to support the writing productivity of doctoral students.  She is also Founder of Black Doctorates Matter, a research-based and evidence-based social media community-building initiative developed to provide psycho-social support for historically marginalized students interested in pursuing doctoral studies.
Lisa De Waard:  Dr. De Waard has been working in the field of cross-cultural communication for almost 20 years, specialisin primarily in the language and culture of Russia. As a linguist and teacher of Russian and Spanish, her research focused on linguistic miscommunication due to cultural differences. Now, as an Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights, she hopes to use this expertise to help businesses achieve success in the international realm. Lisa, a native of the United States, has been traveling to Russia for more than 25 years, working with schools and university programs. She is a member of the Board of Directors at Johann Goethe Schule, an international school in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has also lived in Italy and traveled extensively while working as a professor, providing teacher training and sharing research in the United States, Argentina, Russia, France, Canada, Italy, and Hungary. Lisa has always had a broad range of interests and, desiring a new challenge, came to Hofstede Insights in September of 2017. This change was a very natural one, given that her previous research and teaching used the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions extensively, and that she has 8 years’ administration experience managing both people and programs. She is certified in Intercultural Management and can provide trainings in Trust Building and Global Virtual Manageme

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