New Members Joining in April 2019

NCIS welcomed three new members in April, two of whom will be attending our forthcoming conference in June.
Mr. Hyun Jun Cho (South Korea) will launch his international or public scholarly career at our upcoming NCIS conference. To date, Mr., Hyun’s research focus has been the influence of ancient Egypt on Ancient Rome, including Egyptomania, Mr. Hyun is perhaps the youngest NCIS member to date. However, he is very active and generous in public service, which take the form of diverse projects at the Cheongna  Dalton School in Incheon, Korea.
Dr. Sandra Ham (USA) works as a Senior Statistician in the University of Chicago’s Center for Health and Social Sciences.  She provides specialized research services to faculty and medical students. Her scholarly interests, by contrast, are interdisciplinary: she examines several life sciences, (including psychology evolutionary biology and ecology) through a framework of ethics, philosophy, and history. Dr. Ham has found a vehicle for her research that is independent of faculty teaching.  This appears to be unusually independent as a scholar.  Although Dr. Ham has University affiliations that support her personal economics and her scholarly interests, she appears to be an unusually independent scholar.
Dr. Alisa Tomette (USA) holds a Ph.D. in public health and  has written papers on  stress reduction among adolescents (A Biopsychosocial Approach to High School Health Education) and on parental stress reduction among LGBTQ parents. Dr. Tomette has recently served as a Health Equity Leadership and Mentoring Fellow at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

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