NCIS Welcomes New Members in American Studies, Computer Science, and Higher Education Outreach

(Image attribution:  Bos Pub Lib CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
 Dr. Ruby Annette Subhash specializes in computer science and data science. She has earned a doctorate and postdoctoral certificates in intellectual property rights and has filed two patents dealing with organizing very large datasets. She has published several papers in the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research and elsewhere. In addition to scholarship, she brings unusual technical expertise in data structures and dataset management.
Dr. Kan Udas is an accomplished mid-career professional who holds a Ph.D. in higher-educational administration. (Texas A&M University.) A lifelong learner himself, he is pursuing an additional degree in history at UMass Boston.   He is currently a consultant, Independent and Adjunct Professor, University of Southern Queensland (11/17-Present). Ken is particularly interested in making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable and in organizing innovative educational programming.
Dr. Audrey Russek sustains one full-time professional job while juggling several others. Besides serving as the book-review editor of the Global Food History journal, she reviews manuscripts and participates in academic conferences in her field. Her doctorate is in American Studies (issuing in a thesis titled Culinary Citizenship in American Restaurants, 1919-1964). Dr. Russek’s other interests include American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and American Literature.

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