Multi-talented New Members Fuse Old and New Fields

Chang-Ting Chen is an accomplished chemical engineer specializing in biochemical production using microbial hosts.  He has developed extensive experience in protein engineering, genome editing, metabolic pathway design, and high- throughput robotic systems, and has produced five peer-reviewed publications. His contributions are important in the new arena of precision medicine.
Dr Elizabeth Wolfson earned her Ph.D. in American Studies from Brown University just this year (May 2019).She is working on a book project that narrates a history of U.S.-Middle Eastern relations using the photographic archives of American education and research in the (post-) Ottoman Middle East.  She also co-directs a non-profit art and performance space called Flood Plain.
Dr Benjamin Nelson’s primary research is in the philosophy of law, and unwritten law. His doctorate is from the University of Waterloo, and he earned a Masters degree in philosophy from York University (Toronto). In addition, he holds credentials in n cognitive science and teaching university level courses, and has won a departmental teaching award. His writing on unwritten law represents a new and relevant contribution to jurisprudence and perhaps to social-justice studies as well.

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