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We are delighted to spread the news that Donna M. Altimari Adler, J.D., Ph.D., a new member of NCIS and as a longtime member of the  International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, is having a new book released by Brill Academic Publishers on December 24, 2019. Dr Adler tells us that her Plato's Timaeus and the Missing Fourth Guest: Finding the Harmony of the Spheres "is a technical work in ancient philosophy which solves a very old puzzle and will be most useful to scholars of ancient cosmology, the history of ideas, and the roots of western music theory. The Timaeus was an important part of the classical heritage that entered into dialogue much later than its authorship with the fathers of the early Church and medieval era.  For those interested in the history of social thought, Chapter 8 of the book discusses Plato's Laws and his notions about the harmonic governance of human communities. We can probably do without Plato's particular model; but his text does go to show how long people have been striving for harmony in human community."
If you would like to review this book for The Independent Scholar please contact and we will liaise with the author/publisher to get you a review copy. 
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