Karp Grants Awarded to Range of Scholars

NCIS administers grants that fund individuals at the discretion of donors who wish to remain anonymous. Recipients must be members of NCIS at Full or Associate level, but can apply immediately after membership has been granted.

Among these grants is the David Karp grant. Most recently, the Karp grant was awarded to an anonymous scholar based in China. Another recent NCIS scholar whom David Karp helped support is Véronique Zech-Matterne, whose book recently appeared online (with a note of thanks to NCIS on page 7). Details and link:

ZECH-MATTERNE, Véronique (ed.) ; FIORENTINO, Girolamo (ed.). AGRUMED: Archaeology and history of citrus fruit in the Mediterranean: Acclimatization, diversifications, uses. New edition [online]. Naples:  Publications du Centre Jean Bérard, 2017 (generated 17 January 2018). Available on the Internet. ISBN: 9782918887775. DOI: 10.4000/books.pcjb.2107.

David Karp has also supported Stephen Facciola's research, and the publication of his book on Edible Plants of the World With Selected Algae, Fungi and Bacteria: Parts Used, Usage, Types.

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