From the Winners of the Eisenstein Prize

Following the annoncement of the 2016 Eisenstein Prize, we'd like to share the following statement from Barbara Williams Ellertson​, who, with Janet Seiz, co-authored the winning essay.

"We are so honored to be chosen as the 2016 recipients of the NCIS’ Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize. Elizabeth Eisenstein was literally the first scholar I read when just beginning the research that led to the BASIRA Project; her work essentially created the field that so many cultural historians are now cultivating—and will be for many, many years to come. I just read Eisenstein’s last book, “Divine Art, Infernal Machine,”  and found again that her ability to make connections across centuries of human experience illuminates our current technical turmoil in deeply helpful ways. Being awarded this prize is such a very high honor. It puts wind in our sails to carry on with our work.

I’d also like to mention that NCIS has been part of our research effort from the beginning; when I needed credentials to support library research in Italy, NCIS provided an affiliation letter that helped open doors. The national conference in New Haven gave us impetus to prepare our first paper. And then the peer-review readers of The Independent Scholar guided us through revisions that very much strengthened our article. For myself, NCIS has provided crucial support that is helping make my second career as an independent researcher possible."

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