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Rena Tobey's bio:

Rena Tobey earned a PhD in another field before turning her research attention to American art history.  Through five years of academic retooling, Rena focused on resuscitating the careers of barely-remembered American women artists working before 1945.  Now she is publishing a seven-essay series in Art Times Journal called “Finding Her Way,” inspired by these accomplished artists.  Rena is also a playwright, and a recent work “Muses” has emerged from her research.  Just for fun, she is creating Artventures™--a tabletop board game on the adventures of art and art history.  Visit www.renatobey.com to learn more.

Annie Rehill has sent us the following bio:

Annie Rehill manages the USNI Oral History Program, while working as an independent scholar. With a Ph.D. in Modern French Studies, she researches intercultural connections as reflected in literature, especially Canadian. Her publications include “Ecocritical Perspective: Nature in Three Novels by Roumain, Zobel, and Condé,” Writing Through the Visual and Virtual: Inscribing Language, Literature, and Culture in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean, Ousseina Alidou and Renee Larrier, eds. (Lanham, MD: Lexington), forthcoming 2015; and “Les coureurs de bois, motif éco-critique dans la littérature canadienne française,” Studies in Canadian Literature 38, no. 2, 2013. She also holds master’s degrees in library science and creative writing and has taught as an adjunct.

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