Tula Connell reports on NCIS-supported paper

With funding assistance from the NCIS Conference Support Grant, NCIS Communications Officer Tula Connell (left) traveled to Chicago for the Oct. 13–16 Urban History Association conference, where she participated with two other historians on the panel, “Race, Conservatism, and the Working-Class City,” centered on postwar Milwaukee. Connell opened her presentation, “1950s Milwaukee: Race, Class, and a City Divided,” by expressing thanks to NCIS for the Conference Support Grant, and went on to highlight the challenges independent scholars face and the need for such resource support. She also discussed the issue of independent scholars in informal conversations with colleagues at the UHA conference and highlighted NCIS’s role in providing a crucial network and support function.

Connell reports that adjunct and non-tenured professors are especially supportive when she discusses the challenges independent scholars face and finds that the issue of independent scholars is readily understood and appreciated among her labor historian peers.

The article Connell wrote based on her presentation at the UHA, “1950s Milwaukee: Race, Class and a City Divided,” will be published in the Labor Studies Journal in early 2017, and will include an acknowledgement of NCIS for its support.

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