Ph.D in Anthropology for NCIS member (Israel)

Anthropologist Efrat Sadras-Ron (Israel) has successfully defended her Ph.D. on "Secular Identification: The Case of BINA and its Secular Yeshiva," in which she explores the concepts of everyday secularity, and group identification. Using the ethnography of a secular yeshiva in the south of Tel-Aviv and of the organization behind it, Efrat examines the ways in which the secular mind set influences the operations of this Jewish educational organization. She marks four secular modes of operation: literacy, multiplicity of voices, contextual truth, and action in the here-and-now. These secular modes of operation help advance everyday sovereignty, which is defined as a secular aspiration, and can be regarded as a fifth secular mode of operation. Finally she makes a conscious effort to investigate the secular independently form the religious, by examining the former as it co-exists with the latter under the heading of Secular Jewishness. She concludes by offering a new model for group identification, which is grounded in the secular mindset and based on two principles: fidelity to core principles, and negotiation and debate as a means of maintaining groupness.

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