New publishing deal for Max Longley

Max Longley is researching Joseph Williams Thorne, a Underground Railroad conductor turned carpetbagger, for which he received an NCIS Research Grant this spring. Mr. Longley is the author of For the Union and the Catholic Church: Four Converts in the Civil War (McFarland, 2015), which was reviewed in The Independent Scholar Vol. 2 (Sept. 2016), and he has recently signed a contract with the same publisher for a book on Thorne, expected 2018. Joseph Williams Thorne was a radical Quaker whose career spanned the latter half of the nineteenth century. A farmer and schoolmaster, Thorne embraced many causes of his time, such as abolitionism, women’s rights, prohibition, and international arbitration. In prewar Pennsylvania, he was an Underground Railroad conductor a dangerous enterprise in an area where fugitive slaves and free black people clashed violently with kidnappers from across the Maryland border. After the Civil War, Thorne moved to Reconstruction-era North Carolina and was elected several times by former slaves to represent their interests. At one point, when he was the only remaining “carpetbagger” in the state House of Representatives, he was expelled for his religious views, in a dramatic clash over religious freedom.

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