NCIS Grant Awards - High-Quality Submissions Earn Extra Grant

Due to the high quality of submissions in this Spring 2016 grant cycle, the Review Committee has decided to award three NCIS grants in place of the usual two. Congratulations!

Nhi Lieu has been awarded a Conference Travel Grant for her panel presentation entitled " Intimate Cuisine:  Vietnamese Food Blogs and the Pleasures of Nostalgia." Because of her previous scholarly work on cultural sites of pleasure and performance of the Vietnamese Diaspora, she has been invited to participate on the panel “Refugees and the Art of Re/Creation:  Pleasure and Leisure as Sites of Social and Political Critiques” at the Association for Asian American Studies conference in Miami, Florida this month.

Jolanta Wrobel Best has also received a Travel Grant to support her paper "Semantic Significance of Canadian Images in Julian Kornhauser’s Been and Gone: An Intercontinental Debate on History, Being, and Time" which she will present at the 2016 ASEEES Panel in Comparative Literature, on Polish Writers and the West, in November. A Polish national, Jolanta tells us that she will show how the Canadian landscape becomes a 'point of departure,' introducing the “sylleptic subject” (podmiot sylleptyczny) in poetry as well as universal questions about history, time, and human existence."

Maximilian Longley has been awarded an NCIS Research Support Grant to help in his research for his book on Joseph Williams Thorne (1816-1897). Max tells us that Thorne was a vegetarian Pennsylvanian Quaker who suffered religious persecution, and who was also a reformer, religious radical, carpetbagger politician, Republican Party leader, temperance campaigner “and generally in the middle of key issues of slavery, war, reconstruction, religion, religious liberty and reform.”

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