Final Call for Global Cuisines by Independent Scholars: A Learned Cookbook, ed. Nhi Lieu

The NCIS cookbook Global Cuisines by Independent Scholars: A Learned Cookbook is now under way.  However, as membership of NCIS is increasing daily, we are now issuing a final call in case newer members of our scholarly community would like the chance to participate. Global Cuisines will feature members’ recipes, each accompanied by a brief scholarly essay. The essay may illuminate the recipe in a wider scholarly context—historical, cultural, social, scientific, economic, environmental, etc. – or the recipe may complement the topic of the essay, as in Amanda Haste’s essay on modern monastic music, alongside a recipe for the French pastries known as religieuses.
Our previous calls resulted in about twenty submissions from members of NCIS and NCIS affiliates. These include such exotic delights as “Japanese Knotweed Crumble” alongside a piece on edible plants and the invention of this recipe; “Aféleia” (Pork loin in wine and dry coriander sauce) accompanied by an essay on “Cooking with Dionysus’ Wine”; and “L. Maria Child’s 19th-Century Election Cake” with its accompanying essay on author and activist Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880).
Those of you who missed the previous deadlines now have a chance to take advantage of this fun and exciting opportunity to expand your scholarship. Scholars who have already submitted an original recipe are also invited to submit a second entry...or more!  WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  Without a substantial collection of recipes, we may not be able to collectively form a book.
Further details, along with sample recipes and essays, can be found here. Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2016.  

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