NCIS welcomes new members Amy Absher, Michel Accad, Lisa Cardyn, Elizabeth Everton, Thomas E. Kail, Angela Shaw-Thornburg, and Steven Williams.

  • Amy Absher is a historian, writer, and teacher specializing in the 20th century African American Experience.
  • Michel Accad, M.D., a physician practicing cardiology and internal medicine, holds a part-time faculty appointment at the University of California San Francisco-Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Dr. Accad’s areas of scholarly interest focus on the philosophy of nature and the philosophy of medicine (ontology, epistemology, and ethics of medical care). As an independent scholar, Dr. Accad has been publishing reports and full-length scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals since 2010.
  • Lisa Cardyn, Ph.D., J.D., is a U.S. historian whose work has focused on the history of sexualized racial violence and sexual trauma from the Reconstruction through the mid-20th century. Dr. Cardyn received her Ph.D. and J.D. degrees from Yale and is an adjunct professor at Berkeley and Stanford.
  • Elizabeth Everton holds a Ph.D. from UCLA in modern European history, with subfields in French history, cultural history, and women's history/women's studies. After completing her degree in 2011, Dr. Everton worked as an adjunct professor in history, liberal studies, and women's studies for five years. In May 2016, Dr. Everton began working full time as a training program manager for a large corporation and plans to continue to research, write, and publish in history as an independent scholar.
  • Thomas E. Kail, Ph.D., has served in a variety of leadership roles in higher education, including as founding dean of the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (2003-2008) at Mercer University and as associate provost for adult programs (1995-2003) at Westgate Center for Management and Development in the School of Business and Public Administration at the University of the Pacific, where he served as interim dean, associate dean, and founding director (1985-1995).
  • Angela Shaw-Thornburg teaches and writes about African-American and American literature and culture. She also works as an educational consultant and freelance editor.
  • Steven Williams is an independent scholar with more than 20 years research experience, including two archeological excavations. His area of focus is the “deep past” of Bronze Age/Iron Age societies of Northern Europe. Originally trained as a literary historian, Williams has broadened his expertise to include archaeology and history. In particular, he has studied and written about Roman literature, early British history, and the history and archaeology of “Celtic” Britain and Ireland. Mr. Williams holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior from the Harvard Business School, an M.A. in Medieval English literature from Princeton University, and a B.A. in Medieval Studies from Queens College, CUNY. 

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