NCIS Leadership Election Results

NCIS is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 NCIS Leadership Elections. The new Executive Officers and Board Members are as follows:

Executive Officers

President: Amanda Haste
Secretary: Susan Lanzoni
Membership Officer: Yvonne Groseil
Communications Officer: Tula Connell

Board Members

Luis F. Clemente
Joan Cunningham
Annette Dunlap
Isabelle Flemming
Efrat Sadras-Ron
Shelby Shapiro
Ed Wall
In congratulating the newly-elected Leadership team, NCIS President Amanda Haste says, "We are eager to begin working with members of our new team, whose impressive professional accomplishments and skills will greatly contribute to our ongoing efforts to better serve our members and build our momentum as a vibrant and growing organization.
"Together, we will advance a dynamic future for NCIS."

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