Ancient Asia, the official continuous publication journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA), is now accepting submissions for publication for 2016. The journal primarily publishes research papers but also welcome book reviews and short reports.  Please note: Article Processing Charges (APC) apply. To encourage submissions from developing regions, waivers are granted on a tiered basis according to the country the author's institution is based. 

Ancient Asia is a fully peer-reviewed, open access journal. The journal publishes as soon as articles are ready, meaning there is no delay in research being released.

The scope of Ancient Asia is vast - from Stone Age to the Modern times, including archaeology, history, anthropology, art, architecture, numismatics, iconography, ethnography, various scientific aspects including archaeobotany and archaeozoology, and theoretical and methodological issues. Its goals include highlighting underserved research areas, such as the North Eastern States of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Central Asia, Iran, etc.

Topics that are encouraged for submission are (but not exclusively):

  • Prehistory
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Proto and Early History
  • Settlement Archaeology
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Art History
  • Ancient Architecture
  • Epigraphy
  • Heritage Management and Conservation
  • Ancient Technology and Computer Application
  • Museum Studies and Development
  • Religion
  • Trade
  • Folklore and Ethnology

Onine submissions accepted via journal website. See Author Guidelines for further information. Alternatively, please contact the editorial team for more information.

Ancient Asia is published by Ubiquity Press. For more information, please, see here.

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